Thank you for visiting my website, which is regularly updated with news of the work I am doing as your Member of the European Parliament, representing the West Midlands.

I was elected after UKIP’s phenomenal success on May 22nd 2014 and was, of course, part of the team promoting Brexit, constantly working with the “Leave” campaigns that won the hearts and minds of the British people in the sensational referendum victory of June 23rd 2016.

Now that negotiations are finally under way, my role as a Member of the European Parliament has become even more relevant, not just as a watchdog over the process to hold the government to account and ensure no backsliding on Brexit, but also as one of the UK’s 73 MEPs, who will vote on the final deal, in the European Parliament.

I also sit on the parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, where I seek to promote the UK’s global interests and outlook, and regularly speak on such issues.

Coming from a business background, I am particularly keen to support British industry, especially here in the West Midlands – “the workshop of the world” and the power house of our nation.

I am here to represent all of the people of this great and diverse region, where I live, in whatever way I can, so please do not hesitate to contact me.

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