About James Carver

James Carver

James Bruce Carver, the son of Joseph (d. 2001) and Judith (d. 1986), was born in Farnborough, Kent on 15th August, 1969.
That same day, they opened a very large music festival at Woodstock in upstate New York. Richie Havens was onstage when Jim Carver saw the light. Any connection between the two events must remain hypothetical.
Jim’s parents separated when he was eleven due to his father’s alcoholism, so, when Jim’s mum fell ill with terminal cancer, the burden of caring for her fell on his adolescent shoulders.   
He takes great pride in having turned the fortunes of his family umbrella business around. Although he is rarely to be seen ‘barking his wares’ at a market stall or agricultural show these days, the chances are that, whenever you see a bookmaker's umbrella on racecourses across the UK and Ireland, it will be Jim’s work.
He attended St. John Rigby RC College and Orpington College of Further Education and, when younger, served with both the Royal Marines Reserve and Territorial Army.  He has played Rugby Union for Old Beccahamians RFC and the London Scottish Regiment.

Jim relocated to the West Midlands in July 1999 with his Birmingham-born wife, Carmen. Since her death from Scleroderma in late 2009, Jim has helped raise both money and awareness for the Scleroderma & Raynaud’s UK, (including his greatest personal achievement to date - running the 2012 London Marathon).  He has a lifelong commitment to raise awareness of this relatively unknown connective tissue disease.

In December 2014, Jim married Anne, a West Midlands-based business manager, originally from Co. Armagh. They live in Worcester.

NOT, then, your standard, smug, right-to-rule member of the political class. Just a tough, hard-working, hard-fighting small businessman with a tendency to support the underdog and, when confronted with bad luck or injustice, to put up a fight...

Jim was one of three UKIP MEPs elected for the West Midlands in the 2014 European elections, but in Spring 2018 he resigned from the party and now sits as an independent..  An active Member of the European Parliament, he sits on the Foreign Affairs Committee (AFET), the Hunan Rights Sub-Committee and is a member of the EFDD Group - Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy.