BlogNewsAnother waste of taxpayers' money!

Another waste of taxpayers' money!

Another waste of taxpayers' money!

The EU has shelled out an estimated £800,000 of taxpayers’ money on equipping all 751 MEPs’ offices in Brussels and Strasbourg with the latest 43-inch flat screen TVs.

West Midlands Independent MEP James Carver was flabbergasted to return to Brussels after the summer vacation today to discover a brand-spanking new LG set had been installed in his office.

He said: “These sets retail for £530 each. Multiply that by 751 MEPs and double it for their offices in Strasbourg – used only four days a month - as well and that makes a whopping £796,060 bill.

“Even if they got a discount for bulk buying, that’s still an incredible waste of taxpayers’ hard-earned cash, and then there’s the cost of installation on top – not to mention the resulting surge in the EU’s electricity bill.

“We were not consulted about this expenditure and have been given no rationale as to why it has been determined that MEPs need to watch TV during the day. We can easily keep abreast of the news online and I for one, prefer to catch up with my favourite programmes at weekends and evenings, not while I’m being paid to do my job as an MEP.

“The timing is bizarre as well – as when we leave at the end of next March only 27 of the 73 British MEP posts will be redistributed, leaving 46 empty offices in both Brussels and Strasbourg and 92 nearly-new TVs switched off.

“This is another startling example of the EU gravy train and why I voted myself out of a job. If remainers think this is a good way of spending taxpayers’ money, then they really are out of touch with the man and woman on the street.”


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