Stoke-on-Trent Council’s costly ‘bin police’ team has come under fire from local UKIP MEP James Carver.


“Im told this project costs £100,00 a year. Never mind the waste they are being paid to inspect, that’s an absolutely scandalous waste of taxpayers money,” said Mr Carver.


The team of six ‘waste minimisation’ officers are to travel with refuse collectors in the town looking for signs of contamination in the recycling bins, such as bottles with liquid still inside them and pizza boxes containing crusts.




Households deemed to have breached recycling rules will receive a yellow tag on their bin and bins considered too badly contaminated with get a red tag and not be emptied until the offending items are removed.


“I am all in favour of recycling but having Big Brother bin police is a step too far,” said Mr Carver.


“All these red and yellow tags being doled out reminds me of football penalty cards and we all know how popular referees are.


“The council has issued a guide to educate householders on what should be put in the grey rubbish bins and that is a sensible move but spending tens of thousands on bin busybodies is not. And it is the sort of action that could lead to yet more fly tipping.


“It really is a draconian measure and it being done to meet the EU’s impossible waste recycling targets for 2020 - but hang on we’ve voted to leave that undemocratic outfit behind.


“I appreciate our escape clause, Article 50, has yet to be triggered but we should be shaking off their shackles and ignoring their recycling target is a good place to start.”

Council sparks fury after splashing £100k of taxpayers’ cash on 'BIN POLICE'

A COUNCIL has been blasted for spending £100,000 of taxpayers’ cash setting up a ‘bin police’ team to snoop on residents’ rubbish.

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2 Comment(s)

2 years, 9 months ago.

Stephen 's reply...

Disgrace, absolutely waste of money , the fact they make money from the waste in recycling in itself and expect it to be perfect , with all the money make no reason why can't have a replying plant that ensures all the waste cleaned before recycling this is twenty first century really get a grip . And yes we vote out of EU so we shouldn't have to follow they silly rules no other European country follows any ways and what about health and safety none exsistant in Europe

2 years, 9 months ago.

Debbie Caplin's reply...

What a waste of money and wouldnt surprise me if they are land filling the majority of the recyclables. Do the council have a MRF in the area for segregation and onward recycling. I know on the Wirral although we segregate there are still 1,000s of tonnes sent to land fill sites.

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