News that children may be at risk because police are failing to give parents information under Sarah's Law has been met with dismay by West Midlands UKIP MEP James Carver.


"I find the vastly differing Child Sex Offenders Disclosure responses by police forces quite alarming.


"The idea that it is down to a postcode lottery whether you can find out if your child is safe or not will obviously concern many families in my constituency and throughout the country.


"The figures released today by the NSPCC about the response to Child Sex Offenders Disclosure show a great variance between police forces but Warwickshire's figure of giving out information to just 1% of applications  is particularly alarming and worrying.


"Well done to the NSPCC for looking into this, although it a shame that they  had to make Freedom of Information requests when this sort of data should be freely available in the first place.


"The police work for us and there should be no reason why the number of  requests for this information they have should have to be specifically requested.


"The UK has seen some pretty appalling cases involving paedophiles and mass child abuse recently, like Rochdale, Rotherham and Oxford, for example.


"There are also the issues of child exploitation, child brides, and trafficking. The police work very hard under difficult circumstances and ever increasing cuts, but some forces nevertheless really do need to step up to the plate on this.


"These are some of the most serious issues of modern life in Britain, and all agencies should be working hard and together to prevent it," said Mr Carver.


The NSPCC said Warwickshire Police received 1,084 applications - more than double the next highest total - and gave information about people who pose a risk to children in response to 13 - or 1%..

NSPCC slams police over Sarah’s Law « Shropshire Star

It became known as Sarah’s Law and was supposed to give worried parents across England and Wales the right to ask police whether people who had access to their children had convictions for sex offences, protecting them from sexual predators.

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