BlogDamning report shows why we should leave the EU

Damning report shows why we should leave the EU

Damning report shows why we should leave the EU

A high level report describing EU spending as “irregular and possibly illegal” demonstrates why David Cameron should be leading the charge to leave, not pussyfooting around with renegotiation talks, said UKIP MEP James Carver today.

The report by the EU Court of Auditors says that more than €133.6 billion of European Union budget payments last year were “affected by material error”….. We therefore give an adverse opinion on their legality and regularity,” the report concluded.

Mr Carver, West Midlands MEP, said  “This annual report is scathing about how the EU mis-spends its money. Meanwhile Cameron is trumpeting how he's renegotiating with the European Union.

“Quite frankly the EU is a byword for corruption and waste. Now the EU’s own Court of Auditors has described its spending as ‘irregular and possibly illegal’. If its own auditors are so damning about its corruption, why should we contribute a penny piece to the EU?

“The error rate in the EU account is still a whopping 4.4%, more than double what would be considered acceptable. This represents almost €6 billion of taxpayers' money being thrown away. 

“The report talks of a 'wholly new approach' being needed for EU investment and spending, and failure of the EU to manage its own budget.  It is appalling that year in, year out, taxpayers' money is wasted by the European Union. 

“And the really sad part is, that Cameron doesn't seem to be negotiating anything on this,’ said Mr Carver.

“Once again, the Auditors have issued an 'adverse opinion' on the legality and regularity of payments - in laymans' terms, they are refusing to sign off the accounts yet again for the 21st year running.

"If the EU can't even manage its own finances, the sooner we're out of this failing organisation the better,” he added.

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