EU plans to regulate candles should be blown out, said local UKIP MEP James Carver.


“Which overpaid and under-worked jobsworths in a Brussels ivory tower dreamt up this latest madness? I bet they think they are a bright spark. I think they’re numpties.


“Tragically fires do occasionally happen because of candles but that is down to human error and not because they are a millimetre too tall or wide. EU ‘elf ’n safety meddling won’t save lives but will cost money, especially for small manufacturers,” he said.


The EU rules, contained in a four page document, talk of ‘European standards for candles, candle supports, containers and accessories’ in accordance with official EU product safety instructions.


Candles ‘shall remain stable’ while burning with a holder or container, and that flames ‘shall have a maximum height which shall be established at a safe level.’


“Everyone already knows that candles need to be stable to be safe and we don’t need the same clowns who have already banned our traditional lightbulbs interfering,” said Mr Carver.


“There are massive problems facing Europe which need urgent answers but here we have another example of mission creep by the EU solving a problem that doesn’t exist.


“They have money to burn - including our £55m a day - and here they are using candles to set fire to some of it,” he added.

After meddling with our vacuums and TVs... now EU officials want control of your CANDLES

THEY have already forced us to change our light bulbs and meddled with our gadgets - but now Brussels Eurocrats have a new target in sight.

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3 years, 5 months ago.

Jean Romsey's reply...

With so much meddling from the EU in our everyday lifestyle, is the EU responsible for incurring damage and loss of income by their thousands of directives and laws that caused many small businesses to close, and since the EU directives to the Environment Agency not to dredge British rivers that had for centuries been done to allow rain and glacier water to flow freely into the sea, we have seen the most horrendous flooding in the last two decades up and down this green and wonderful country, that is destroying homes and wrecking lives costing the UK millions of pounds in failed agriculture, businesses and health and safety to our residents, pets and cattle, that also impact on our NHS. Such a small directive just to protect wild life but what a massive compounded disaster for the British economy and her people.
This is yet another cunning plan by the unelected EU Commission to dominate Britain by keeping us poorer, weaker and unable to fight back, the more disasters we face, including the millions of EU migrants forced on to our economy, the more audacious their regulations become. Whilst our unemployed and sick fight for our well-being, the EU leaders relish their ability to mock our politicians by imposing more laws that even our MPs cringe to apply to their fellow citizens, but nevertheless they carry out their biddings like sheep-waiting for the slaughter. And slaughtered we shall be if we continue with our EU membership..

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