BlogEU sugar-coating stunt bitter pill to swallow

EU sugar-coating stunt bitter pill to swallow

EU sugar-coating stunt bitter pill to swallow

West Midlands MEP James Carver has today condemned moves to spend tens of millions of Euros on a spin campaign to promote the European Union.


UKIP MEP James Carver says a push by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to spend almost 26 million Euros on a major EU propaganda campaign in 2016 is another attempt by Euro bureaucrats to “sugar coat a bitter pill that is becoming increasingly difficult to swallow”.


The PR drive would revolve around the theme of “A New Boost for Jobs, Growth and Investment” and its budget, which could be a colossal 25.75m Euros, could be blown on a host of communications media including billboards and web advertisements.


Commenting on the move, UKIP West Midlands MEP James Carver, said: “No amount of money can sugar coat a bitter pill that is becoming increasingly difficult to swallow.


“Why should taxpayers’ cash be used on EU spin when people in other countries, such as Greece, are enduing EU-induced poverty with people relying on food banks?


“The EU is putting smoke and mirrors before the interests of very poor people who have been brought to their knees by EU interference.


“It is time to pull out of the EU, to regain our sovereignty and to manage our own affairs in Westminster without being dictated to by the European Union.”

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3 years, 8 months ago.

Amanda momtazi's reply...

I wouldn't call it " sugar coating." - it's blatant self- serving propaganda! And whose money are they using to promote themselves?
" new" boost for jobs and investment. Really? What happened to the last one?
Well we can certainly see the results of the last one.
Austerity policies destroying poor families.
Zero hours contracts.
Deaths of disabled and sick.
Collapsing NHS.
Lack of skilled workers for skilled jobs.
Too many unskilled workers for unskilled jobs.
Immigration pushing down wage levels.
Destruction of fisheries
Destruction of agriculture
Legal aid so messed up making it impossible to function
Unemployment rising.
Foodbanks increasing
Proud army vets living homeless on the streets
Banks moving out of the city due to EU red tape making it more difficult for investors and driving them away from this country.
Asset stripping the country as an obliging g. Osborne sells off banks and even green belt land"
Billions lost in trade deals we could easily do ourselves but have to either ask EU permission or have them negotiated by incompetent people employed by the EU.
EU procurement directives making it harder and costlier to tender for work.
A " boost" they call it!
All those silly enough to believe the wicked lies about to be produced should move themselves to a European member state, well away from Britain and let the true Brits - the ones that have the betterment of this country in their hearts, to get on with it.
Sweep this trash under the carpet. Get rid of it. And prosper ...........

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