BlogNewsEscape from Eu-catraz!

Escape from Eu-catraz!

Escape from Eu-catraz!

“Get me out of here – just in the nick of time!” pleads West Midlands UKIP MEP James Carver, as an EU commissioner talks about rule changes to enable common tax rates to be levied across all member nations.

Pierre Moscovici, EU Commissioner for Economic, Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs, told the International Trade Committee that to harmonise tax and move towards more integration – if not federalism -  the “rules of the game” needed changing.

He said: “What blocks us today is the fact that tax matters are decided through unanimity and unanimity means that the veto of one can stop the will of all. And if you want to have a harmonisation, or a social Europe with a stronger ambition, you need to change the rules of the game. You need to move from unanimity to qualified majority voting.”

Mr Carver hit back saying: “Just two weeks ago I revealed how the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee is pressing for the same rule change of switching to majority voting to push through an EU defence budget to which member states would be ordered to stump up two per cent of their GDP.

 “This is yet another example of how the EU plans to steam roll federal policies through, regardless of whether all members agree, in its unerring bid to create a European super state.

“Thank God the pressure from UKIP galvanised enough support from Tory MPs to persuade Mr Cameron to hold the referendum when he did.

“The result cost him his political career but saved our country from being reduced to a Brussels lap dog with our citizens and companies paying increased taxes, leading to declining living standards and rising unemployment, as experience shows harmonised taxes only go in one direction - up!”

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