BlogEurophile EU myths branded Tories’ “Achilles Heel”

Europhile EU myths branded Tories’ “Achilles Heel”

Europhile EU myths branded Tories’ “Achilles Heel”

West Midlands MEPs James Carver and Bill Etheridge have today welcomed the findings of a heavyweight 1,000-page study which goes a big way towards slaying the many myths associated with the so-called benefits of staying in the EU.

The Change or Go study calls for fundamental change in Britain’s relationship with the EU.

The new assessment, which has been produced by a group of economic analysts and business leaders, sets out a list of demands for changes that Prime Minister David Cameron ought to make.

It also challenges the central claim that membership of the European Union is good for British businesses.

The findings of the assessment come just weeks after JCB boss Lord Bamford dug further holes in the Europhile argument that leaving the EU would be disastrous for the Britain.

Commenting today on the Change or Go study, James Carver MEP, UKIP’s Commonwealth Spokesman, said: “David Cameron’s Europhile stance on the EU is a major Achilles heel for the Tories who continue to spread myths to frighten people into staying in the EU.

“This new 1,000 page study further slays the myths revolving around our Britain’s membership of the EU. The UK cannot even make its own Free Trade Agreements as we are shackled to the EU which rules over us like Zeus.

“Britain is a major world economy and as a world economy we should be trading globally. We are held back from doing so thanks to EU red tape and interference.”

Fellow West Midlands MEP Bill Etheridge, who is a member of the EU’s Regional Development Committee (REGI), added: “The EU holds the UK back. It stifles us with diktats and leglisation.

“It is time for Britain to leave the EU and not be dictated to by unaccountable and unelected pen pushers in Brussels.”

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