BlogGovernment need to revisit their policy of non engagement towards Le Pen

Government need to revisit their policy of non engagement towards Le Pen

Government need to revisit their policy of non engagement towards Le Pen

James Carver MEP, UKIP's Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs spokesman, has criticised the government's decision not to engage with French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, after it was revealed by the British Ambassador to France, that they had established contact with all other leading candidates.


Mr Carver said "It's bad diplomacy not to consider all eventualities in the next French presidential election, and with Mme. Le Pen expected to, at the least, reach the final round run-off in May, our government are refusing to engage with a politician who could become the President of a country just 21 miles away.


"Have they learnt nothing from the election of Donald Trump? The global establishment widely condemned him, but now, awkwardly find themselves trying to build diplomatic relations with him and his team, from an obviously uncomfortable position."


Mr Carver, who has on numerous occasions publicly emphasised that UKIP should not sit in the same group as Le-Pen in the European Parliament, said "I certainly don't condone either Mme. Le Pen, or her party, but, were she to "Do a Trump", the diplomatic fallout in the UK, would be, embarrassing, to say the least."

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2 years, 4 months ago.

Simon Garmston's reply...

No Miss May is too busy trying to put a spin on the Brexit result, trying to convince us that immigration was only part of the reason and that all this other guff is what we should be doing... No Miss May, immigration is for most people the number one issue, the rest will be sorted later... Hard brexit is what is going to happen sooner or later, reason 28 countries are not going to agree an anything that is agreed... Period... So cut the BS and let's get on with it... Align ourselves with the us on trade and leave the EU to WTO rules...

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