West Midlands UKIP MEP James Carver has thrown his full support behind Paul Nuttall’s bid to lead the party.


Mr Nuttall has announced that he is standing to be leader and Mr Carver is among colleagues backing him.



                                                          (James Carver MEP - Paul Nuttall MEP)


He has pointed out that if Mr Nuttall, North West MEP, is elected by the membership next month the Labour Party will face even greater problems than those currently besetting it.


“Labour’s Brendan Chilton (General Secretary of Labour Leave – and one of the Labour people to truly understand the Brexit vote) - has said ‘If Paul Nuttall wins the UKIP leadership, my party, Labour, will be fighting for its life in the heartlands’.”


“He is only right and it gives me great heart for the future of UKIP. He is a unifying candidate, which is vital for the party,” said Mr Carver.


Explaining his decision to contest the leadership Mr Nuttall has said, “Having spent six years as deputy leader and previously been chairman, I believe I am best suited to take the helm of the party when Nigel Farage, who has done a sterling job as captain, finally does get the chance to get his life back.


“I stand first and foremost as a unifying candidate, demanding an end to the infighting and squabbling which performs just one purpose, that of delighting our rivals.


“I believe UKIP can simply be much bigger and better than this – but we have to work together as a united team to do so.


“And I promise this - from day one under my leadership, there is a clean slate for UKIP MEPs, domestic politicians and members. It will in effect be Day Zero. We will pull together to fight forwards, not backwards. 


“Because no matter who tries to falsely take the credit, few can argue that the historic June 23 vote to leave the European Union would simply never have happened without us.


“Although more than 17 million British citizens voted to leave the EU, only one in four of them voted for UKIP at last year’s general election. That is precisely where our opportunity lies.


“I am certain now, after achieving the Brexit decision, it is time to seize the day.


“Great Britain right now needs a strong UKIP more than ever, to hold the government’s feet to the fire in the Brexit negotiations, and to fill the political gap vacated by what’s left of the Labour party. “


He continued, “It’s because of UKIP that people are finally waking up to the fact that Labour has not been the party of the working people for many years.


“The Labour Party today is uncomfortably unrecognisable to many of their traditional voters. I say to them: Come and give UKIP a try.


“We are the voice of the common man and woman. We are the future,” said Mr Nuttall.

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