BlogJames Carver's reaction to findings of damning report on mass immigration

James Carver's reaction to findings of damning report on mass immigration

James Carver's reaction to findings of damning report on mass immigration

Newly-elected West Midlands MEP James Carver says the serious consequences of the British Government’s weakness and inability to stand up to the EU, have been vividly highlighted in a damning new report on mass uncontrolled immigration.
UKIP MEP James Carver, who is a member of the EU Foreign Affairs Committee, has welcomed the publication of an 85-page report by Civitas which has shown that mass-immigration will have a negative impact on living standards in Britain.
The report states that large-scale immigration will have a negative effect on standards of living as any economic benefits will be outweighed by the pressures imposed by a much larger population.
Large-scale population growth could see water rationing in some parts of the country, a shortage of housing and put greater pressure on public services such as Britain’s schools, the think-tank’s report warns.
Commenting on the report, which was published by Civitas this week, West Midlands MEP James Carver, said: “The damning findings of this new report clearly demonstrate the Government’s failure to take action to address the issue of mass-uncontrolled immigration.
“Only by leaving the EU can be have control over our own borders. We should have an Australian-style system of temporary work permits.
“Our resources, as this report highlights, are under great strain and this study warns that we may face issues such as water shortages, housing shortage and great pressure on our schools and hospitals as a result of population growth.”

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4 years, 9 months ago.

alan Ashwood's reply...

I think the report confirms what many (most?) people are aware of already. But Immigration was just the 'trigger' by which many people have moved to UKIP Support.

But now, it is only one, if a major one, of a number of critical factors which demonstrate that we must leave the EU.

A can of worms have opened about the subversive plans of the EU (which the Government are well aware). It is finding ways of enlightening these dark 'secrets' to the electorate that proves so difficult. Even with evidence, I find that people don't believe the facts.

Maybe it's time to stop concentrating on promoting UKIP as such.

WE need to concentrate on the issues, the facts, and truth. As UKIP is the only credible force to save our way of life, their success will automatically follow.

The clock's ticking.


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