BlogLetter to the editor, RE Referendum in Scotland

Letter to the editor, RE Referendum in Scotland

Letter to the editor, RE Referendum in Scotland

Date: Tuesday, September 16th 2014

Dear Sir,
The rude awakening of the three main Westminster parties, by the steady surge in support for the "Yes" campaign, ahead of this week's referendum on Scottish Independence, displays that the "we know best" attitude of Westminster politicians, is completely at kilter with public opinion on the ground.
This should be a lesson to those who have put their trust in the Prime Minister's promise of a free and fair referendum on EU membership, after the general election next year.

Successful or not, Alex Salmond has taught the establishment to never try and second guess a referendum result again.Whatever that result, once the establishment have regrouped, they will have been reminded of a very important lesson, clearly forgotten after earlier referendums on previous EU treaties, held in Ireland, France, Holland and Denmark - If there is any possibility that a referendum result goes against the political blueprint, kick it into the long grass.

Yours faithfully,
James Carver MEP
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