My Campaigns

James Carver

I am actively engaged in matters relating to foreign affairs and often speak about these in the European Parliament.

These include the following topics:

  • EU expansionism and military confrontation
  • Economic issues and hardships arising from the eurozone
  • The role of the EU operating outside of international law both at home and abroad
  • The EU and corporatism working against the interests of both British and EU citizens
  • Strengthening trade ties and agreements outside of the EU

In addition, there are a number of issues which I support, actively speak up for, or have a special interest in: 

  • Working to improve our ties to The Commonwealth
  • Fostering better understanding of the gypsy communities and how to integrate with mainstream society
  • The banning of legal highs
  • Recognition of Somaliland
  • Addressing the rise of extremism in the Middle East and Europe

Regional campaigns

  • Protecting the green belt from development
  • Promoting West Midlands business and enterprise
  • Endorsing Fairtrade

James supporting West Midlands’ business

James campaigning for the green belt

For more information regarding my campaigns email me on or contact me via the contact me button positioned to the right.