Local MEP James Carver is calling for a cost analysis of new diabetes care technology to benefit both patients and the NHS.


Pharmaceutical firm Abbotts have recently designed a blood sugar monitoring device that does not require lancets to extract the blood for a reading. This can now be done via a sensor on the arm which gives readings via a simple scan.


“With more and more people affected by diabetes it is important new technology is embraced,” said Mr Carver, UKIP Euro-MP.


“This advancement could help reduce the impact of diabetes on people’s lives and reduce costs to the NHS and I would welcome a full cost analysis into the benefits of this new technology.”


Regular blood sugar testing is vital for diabetics to ensure they have a healthy blood sugar reading. Diabetics can be known to take between five – ten finger prick readings per day.


These are required to enable diabetics to live a normal life and is a requirement of the law if they drive. At present the NHS funds the lancets and blood testing monitors but will not fund this new technology, which removes the need to pierce the skin. 


Dudley UKIP Cllr Paul Brothwood is supporting Mr Carver and pointed out that as a type1 diabetic for 30 years he welcomed this new technology. 


“I am sure many parents who have small children with diabetes will also welcome this as it will make life much easier for them. 


“Although the cost of the new technology is expensive (up to £1,500 a year for the sensors that must be replaced every two weeks) it could save the NHS considerable funds in the long term.


“With people being able to test their sugars more easily, without pain, it will help avoid emergency admissions due to low or high blood sugars that go undetected.


“There are serious long-term consequences if blood sugars are not controlled including the loss of a person’s vision and limbs. Therefore, anything that can be done to encourage diabetics to regularly monitor their blood sugar levels is a positive step,” said Cllr Brothwood.

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