I have received thousands of emails on this topic. I can assure you that I & UKIP takes the threat posed by TTIP seriously, and in particular the ISDS- which threatens our government with potential law suits from corporate interests- very seriously.

We have spent a great deal of time preparing for the debate in the European Parliament on this crucial matter, and my colleague from the North East, Jonathan Arnott managed to secure an additional hour for the debate. However in typical Brussels style it was stitched up, with the big groups stopping the planned debate on TTIP.

I find it absolutely disgraceful that we were not given the opportunity to debate this issue, when our constituents in Scotland, the United Kingdom and across Europe have shown just how much they care about the threat that TTIP poses. I can assure you that both myself and my party, alongside our allies in the European Parliament, will continue to fight the threat that TTIP poses. 

Below I have provided more detail on why UKIP is opposed to TTIP and outlying the threat this Corporatist stich up poses.

UKIP are the only major party opposed to TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, which could allow American corporates to win contracts in the NHS and potentially sue the government if changes of policy cut their profits. UKIP firmly believes that NHS care should be free at the point of access.  TTIP threatens this. Labour and the Tories both support TTIP.

TTIP is being negotiated by the unelected EU Trade Commissioner behind closed doors. it is almost inevitable that such ill-thought-out rules will be created when the people negotiating them are not accountable to the voters. It should be for the British people and Parliament to decide their stance on this vital issue. UKIP is in favour of free trade, but TTIP is a Corporatist stitch-up.

TTIP and the NHS.
At our party conference in 2014, UKIP’s then Health Spokeswoman, MEP Louise Bours confirmed that UKIP will fight to exclude the NHS from inclusion within the TTIP agreement.
You can watch Louise Bours (15.35 min)  here:


Contained within TTIP at present, ISDS in a mechanism which allows large corporations to sue governments in private courts, for any government action that limits a corporation’s future profits. This sets up a potential liability for the British taxpayer which UKIP regards as unacceptable. Labour MEPs have voted to support TTIP and their latest ISDS-lite amendment still allows multinational corporates to sue states outside normal courts.
UKIP’s opposition to TTIP in the European Parliament

May I suggest you keep a close watch on how different parties actually vote on TTIP.
The vote in the EU's International Trade Committee on 7th May shows that the big political groups in the European Parliament (including those to which Labour, LibDem and Tory MEPs belong) are committed to the Parliament approving TTIP.  They cynically rejected UKIP's amendment by UKIP’s Trade Spokesman, William Dartmouth which asked the Commission to conduct negotiations with the USA in such a way as to ring-fence the NHS.

TTIP and the EU Referendum
The forthcoming EU referendum will ask if the British people wish to regain the power to make our own laws and confident enough to set our face towards a global future.

If we all vote for freedom from the EU and self-determination, the UK will be able to make its own trade deals and not be encumbered by TTIP.
I ask for your support in this vital matter. 
James Carver MEP
UKIP West Midlands

For additional information:

UKIP is the only major party opposed to TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership ---

Nigel Farage in Express Nov 2014.

"UKIP’s policy is simple. We firmly believe that NHS care should be free at the point of access. That’s a non-negotiable. We are the only party opposed to TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership which would allow American corporates to win contracts in the NHS and potentially sue the government if changes of policy cut their profits. Labour, and the Tories, both support TTIP."

'We are the only party that can SAVE NHS', declares Ukip's Nigel Farage

WHATEVER you do, don’t ever ‘discuss’ the NHS.

UKIP opposition to TTIP.  Reasons why -
1.     It is done out of public view and oversight. Negotiations need not be disclosed to public or even elected politicians.
2.     It is negotiated by an EU trade Commissioner we did not elect.
3.     It would imperil the free and public nature of the NHS.
4.     TTIP gives multinational corporations an unfair advantage over consumers, workers, patients and SMEs via ISDS mechanism which allows corporates to sue states in private arbitration courts.
5.     The recent Socialist amendment is basically ISDS-lite which still allows corporate investors to sue states outside normal courts for making democratic decisions.
6.     It comes with huge economic cost in terms of jobs and wage loss as well as undermining national democracy and national courts.
7.     If you’re worried about TTIP, be sure to vote “Out” in the Referendum. It is only surefire way to stop it and get something better.
TTIP does not help consumers, workers, patients or SMEs as they cannot afford to fight against multinational corporations in a terms of lobbying and private law suits.
TTIP is all about helping big corporates, and hindering SMEs.

The TTIP Negotiating Process:
TTIP negotiations are being held - quite shamefully - in secret by the Commission.
Astonishingly, MEPs have no power to make amendments to any agreement the EU makes on international trade, nor does our elected UK government.
The EU Commission is the only body that can; initiate new EU laws, begin repeal of or start any amendment to EU laws, or negotiate trade agreements.  The EU Commissioners are not elected, but appointed.  MPs and MEPs have no binding way to force the Commission to do anything it doesn't want to do.  So, when an EU law passes there is nothing a voter can do to change it.  In a normal democracy, if you don't like a law or a set of politicians, every 5 years or so everyone gets to vote for someone else who can change the law. This doesn't happen in the EU because the elected MEPs don't have those powers.

Briefing for European Parliament
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and Labour

Click link below to read:

page 9

“Using the United Nations Global Policy Model to simulate the impact of TTIP on the global economy (in a context of protracted austerity and low growth especially in the EU and US) changes results. Simulations by Capaldo (2014)44 find that TTIP would lead to net losses in terms of GDP, personal incomes and employment in the EU (income decrease between Euro 165 and Euro 5 000, approximately 600 000 job losses, a continuing downward trend of the labour share).”

Referring to this report by Tufts University.

Click links below to read further:

TTIP: European Disintegration and Other Consequences

According to its proponents, the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership will stimulate growth in Europe and in the US. Projections endorsed by the European Commission point to positive, although negligible, gains in terms of GDP and personal inco

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