BlogNewsNo chance of a deal with federalists steering the ship

No chance of a deal with federalists steering the ship

No chance of a deal with federalists steering the ship

Britain has “no chance” of negotiating a deal with the EU whilst its European Parliament Brexit Steering Group is made up of ardent federalists, warns West Midlands MEP James Carver.

All six MEPs who make up the influential group believe in ever closer union and four are members of the staunchly federalist Spinelli Group.

Mr Carver, an independent Euro MP, said: “We are on a hiding to nothing. Only last Friday the steering group reiterated there will be no withdrawal agreement without a ‘backstop’ for the Northern Ireland/Ireland border.

“With such intransigence there is no wonder we are making such little headway. When steering group member Philippe Lamberts says there is no such thing as absolute sovereignty, how can such a group steer a negotiated withdrawal agreement?

“Negotiation is only ever possible when there is room for compromise, but their ideology is so far removed from ours, that will never happen.

“The sooner Mrs May wakes up to that the better. We may as well throw the towel in now and walk.

“European manufacturers will then put pressure on their political leaders to negotiate practical trade deals with us and economics will win the day over ideology. No deal is the only sensible solution.”

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