BlogNewsNo thanks to deep regulatory alignment

No thanks to deep regulatory alignment

No thanks to deep regulatory alignment

The CBI does not speak for the whole of Britain’s industry and history shows it has frequently backed a loser, says West Midlands UKIP MEP James Carver.

“Its current insistence of having deep alignment between UK and EU rules going forward would be a grave error,” insists Mr Carver, adding:

“I don’t anticipate a bonfire of regulations when we finally leave the EU but our future success must not be hindered by the explosion of regulations flooding from Brussels.

“We need bold regulatory reform to remain competitive and to enable us to have the freedom to sign beneficial trade deals of our own.”


A period of silence from the CBI about the EU would be well advised | BrexitCentral

You won’t find too many in the Brexiteer community that have a kind word to speak about the CBI. “Complete Bloody Idiots” was the favourite backronym in February, when they managed to align themselves with Jeremy Corbyn’s commitment to a customs union, pr

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