BlogScotch eggs could be scotched for good thanks to nannying calls

Scotch eggs could be scotched for good thanks to nannying calls

Scotch eggs could be scotched for good thanks to nannying calls

West Midlands MEP James Carver has today said the Government is a sandwich short of a picnic after advocating nanny state draconian rules which could scotch scotch eggs from children’s lunch boxes for good.

The UKIP MEP says the Government is making a meal of things by come down hard on parents and on what they put in their children’s lunch boxes.

Mr Carver said he is all in favour of eating healthily through eating a balanced diet but he said Lord Nash’s position which supports teachers lawfully being able to “confiscate, keep or destroy” certain foods, is taking things too far.

Lord Nash, who is an education minister, said: “there is nothing to prevent schools from having a policy of inspecting lunch boxes for food items that are prohibited under their school food policies.”

One school, Cherry Tree Primary School in Colchester, came under fire from angry parents when it emerged scotch eggs and Peperami were confiscated from children despite the school dishing up high sugar desserts such as cookies and flapjacks.

Commenting on his statements, Mr Carver said: “I am all for ensuring children enjoy a healthy and balanced diet but there is nothing wrong with enjoying a scotch egg now and again.

“Searching children for such foods seems totally over the top. Also the situation at the school is Colchester shows the whole thing is a dog’s breakfast as on the one hand food was being confiscated while high sugar foods were being offered on the school’s menu.

“It is time for common sense to prevail. Ensure children enjoy a balanced diet but let kids have a treat now and again.”
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