BlogNewsSizzling good sense from Dane

Sizzling good sense from Dane

Sizzling good sense from Dane

A Danish MEP is calling on EU leaders to stop being so negative and defensive about Brexit.

Anders Vistisen, vice chairman its Foreign Affairs Committee, points out the mutual benefits of a good trade deal between the EU and the UK and sounds a warning that failure to work constructively with the UK post-Brexit could lead to Denmark being the next country to quit the EU.

West Midlands MEP Jmes Carver,  a fellow member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, said: "It is good to hear some sense being talked. Anders Vistisen's comments are astute and also priovide a timely warning to the EU that Brexit has to work for everyone or there will be further consequences of nations taking control of their own destiny."

From a Danish perspective, the EU must work constructively to secure trade and security with the UK | BrexitCentral

After Theresa May’s decisive speech last month that set a course for a clean break with the EU, we now know that the UK will quit the European single market and seek a free trade agreement with the EU instead. Dozens of countries have already been lining

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2 years, 2 months ago.

Stephen Scanlon's reply...

This man does talk common sense. We are a powerful Country, we have all of the World that we can trade with. The businesses within the EU will of course carry on trading with the British Isles. Business is business when all is said and done. The EU politician's are only causing problems because they cannot financially look after all the less financially strong Countries within the EU. That is why they are desperate for us to stay in the EU, purely and only, because they need our money. It is unfortunately that the vast majority of Countries within the EU do need financial handouts. The EU is a failed organisation, both financially and politically. The so called leading Politician's are frightened because their cushy lifestyles, exorbitant wages are in danger. They have put themselves in a bubble, they are totally out of touch with their public. The migrant crisis is astronomical yet how many EU politician's do you hear stating this. The impression that comes across is that the violence, rapes, thieving, etc. is not happening in the politician's eyes. What type of Political leader would allow their public to suffer at the hand's of these migrants without doing something drastic to protect them. If nothing is done to clear Europe of these animals, then Merkel and her EU supporters will be responsible for a third World war. This unfortunately will be a mirror image of the Crusades, one so called religion, which is nothing but evil against another that does not go around, condoning rape, violence, thieving, beheading etc, etc. I am one person speaking, however, there is no doubt at all that there are millions of people within this Country that think exactly the same. Also across Europe there are millions of people that want rid of the migrants and their violence. Is there anything wrong in asking for a peaceful life, there was one across Europe before the lunatic called Merkel decided to let anybody into Europe without vetting them to see if they were Jihadists or tied to any other violent organisation.

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