BlogNewsThe EU's direction and intent could not be more clear!

The EU's direction and intent could not be more clear!

The EU's direction and intent could not be more clear!

West Midlands Independent MEP James Carver today criticised the EU’s foreign policy ambitions following the sitting of the EP Foreign Affairs Committee, when there was a vote on the implementation of the Common Foreign and Security Policy.

He said it demonstrated the clear intention and direction of the European Union to become a sovereign political power.

The report stresses that the time has come for the EU to “take its destiny into its own hands” and that it should “embrace its role as a fully-fledged sovereign political power in international relations that helps to resolve conflicts worldwide and shapes global governance”.

The annual report, which Mr Carver voted against, also “welcomes” the steps to increase the EU’s military autonomy and believes that the capacity to dispatch forces to global conflicts is an “essential pre-condition for becoming a credible political power”.

Mr Carver said: “The genie is out of the bottle! This report smacks of overt imperialism to me, especially with all the calls for tighter controls on member states, especially with the introduction of more qualified majority voting; this necessarily means a greater loss of individual national sovereignty. These proposals also lead to a direct threat to NATO and the United Nations.

“How the other British MEPs present could have abstained or voted in favour of this report today, beggar’s belief, given our current Brexit negotiations. How they think this would benefit us is beyond me! It must surely be time for British MEPs to vote in the national interest, rather than curry favour in Brussels.”

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