BlogNewsThere will be no good deal

There will be no good deal

There will be no good deal

A West Midlands UKIP MEP has accused the government of mealy-mouthed diplomacy which is set to see Britain remaining an EU member in all but name for years after Brexit.

James Carver said the country’s position was “heart-breaking but not unexpected given the fact that negotiations are being headed up by a prime minister who has openly hinted that in another referendum she would still vote to remain in the EU".

He said: “How did anyone ever think this would work? The country voted to leave the EU and we need voices in the negotiations who fully support that – not people who are simply using Brexit to prop up their own endangered political careers.”

His comments followed remarks by members of the European Parliament’s Brexit steering group that they had not heard anyone from the UK side disputing an arrangement for a Norwegian-style transition period during which the UK would be forced to accept the free movement of people and make payments to Brussels.

Mr Carver, UKIP’s assistant deputy leader, added: “We are going to end up paying to be in a club and being forced to follow its rules without any say. We didn’t ask for a Norway deal, we must take control of our borders, our laws, our security, our seas, our agriculture and our trade, on March 29, 2019.

“The British people didn’t vote for a protracted transition period, they voted to leave and that is what our leaders must ensure happens.

“The European Parliament doesn’t really want a deal – we don’t need a deal, so let’s walk now.”


UK will be 'an EU member in all but name' years after Brexit declare top MEPs

Influential figures said they believe the UK is heading for a Norway-style relationship during a transition period immediately after March 2019

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