BlogTories in a merry dance over immigration

Tories in a merry dance over immigration

Tories in a merry dance over immigration

West Midlands UKIP MEP James Carver says the Tories are in turmoil over the key issue of immigration after Stourbridge Conservative MP Margot James put her foot in it by warning her party to “not dance to UKIP’s tune”.

James Carver, UKIP’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Stourbridge, says the Tories are at loggerheads over immigration with the Prime Minister doing the foxtrot and fellow Tories doing the Can Can over the issue.

Earlier this week, David Cameron set out plans to curb benefits to migrants but his stance prompted a backbench backlash from Conservative MPs including Margot James.

In a pre-prepared statement she stated: “There is a danger that the anti-immigration and anti-EU minority tail is wagging the majority British dog.”

In a plea to her deeply divided party over the issue, she said the Tories “must not dance to UKIP’s tune.”

Commenting today, West Midlands MEP James Carver said it was UKIP, and UKIP alone, that had a sensible policy on immigration and said Ms James’s comments showed the Tories are in complete turmoil over the issue.

Mr Carver said: “The Tories are in a merry dance over immigration. Ms James has warned her party to not dance to UKIP’s tune over immigration but her statement is at complete odds with her own Party leader who has it one foot in and one foot out over many issues. It is like the Hokey Cokey. There is no clear direction.

“Let’s be clear – UKIP is not an anti-immigration party. We just believe it is sensible to have control over our own borders and who comes into this country and we simply do not have that control while we are a member of the EU.

“Ms James speaks of an ‘anti-EU minority tail wagging the majority British dog’. If we are a minority, why then did UKIP win this year's European Election, and why do we now have two MPs elected to Westminster?”

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4 years, 5 months ago.

ian kingsford's reply...

Even the most hospitable and welcoming family wants to have control over who comes in through the front (or back!) door of their home. That is perfectly reasonable. Indeed it would be quite irresponsible of any parents to leave the doors open and allow all who wish to come in - and not even check properly who they are or what crimes they may have committed elsewhere.. So it is with the British family. We need to be in control of our borders. For a foreign government to dictate that we must not close the door against those who might harm us, or because the house is getting too full, is nothing short of scandalous. Let us tell the EU to 'get lost'! Neither Labour, Liberal Democrats, or Conservatives, will ever do that. They just tell us lies. Vote UKIP in May 2015!

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