BlogWhatever the referendum result, British politics will never be the same again.

Whatever the referendum result, British politics will never be the same again.

Whatever the referendum result, British politics will never be the same again.

Irrespective of the result of Thursday’s EU referendum, there is already much chattering and forethought about the political fallout from the result. 


Neither side has the confidence to provisionally declare a victory for their corner.  Furthermore, the predicted close vote has created one certainty - No matter how our country votes on the 23rd, the EU debate is far from over.


The precedent set by the SNP’s electoral success only a year after losing their own referendum on Scottish independence, gives both sides of the EU debate added emphasis, to carry their own political beliefs further forward.


Much has already been said about the coming internal disputes facing both the Conservative and Labour parties, but there is another consideration that must be factored, and if, as I have argued throughout this campaign, my predictions about the future direction of the EU, prove correct, that in itself poses a major credibility problem for those who have campaigned to remain.


On the 24th June, the very morning after the referendum, the Council of Ministers will meet in Brussels for a summit, when it is widely expected that announcements will be made about the future direction of the EU and, not least the continuing development of the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), which was set up under the Lisbon Treaty,  and affects all EU member states, except Denmark - The only member state to secure an opt out.


What surprises me is the lack of consideration of those “remainers” by point-blankly refusing to acknowledge the continuing federal direction of the EU.


Hence, we can be sure that, as the EU integration machine rolls on, not only will these very people be proved to have either misinformed our electorate, or misjudged their own belief of their ability to mould the EU to their liking, but more importantly, our electorate’s distrust of those very same people, will ensure that politics will never be the same again.


British politics is about to become even more interesting.


James Carver is a UKIP Member of the European Parliament for the West Midlands.

UKIP’s Commonwealth Spokesman and sits of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee.

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