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Why The EU Can't Be A World Player

Last week saw the 70th anniversary commemorations of the liberation of Auschwitz by Russian troops, after 1.5 million, mainly Jewish people were murdered.  World leaders vowed to learn the lessons from the Second World War. From here, the embryo of the EU was created. 

The harrowing Holocaust survival stories that show why we must combat the hatred spreading through Europe

“Suddenly we were woken and the shouting started. It was night, the light beaming down on us and the orders, ‘move here’, ‘move there’: it was just terror.”

Roll forward to Bosnia in the early 1990's and the Balkans war, following the break up of the federalist model of the former Yugoslavia.  Horrifyingly, after just 40 years, makeshift concentration camps had returned to the continent. European Community members proved ineffective, as thousands of muslim Bosniaks were killed, in and around Srebrenica, given the huge misnomer of that area having been designated as a so-called “safe haven”.

Ineffective then, as today, because the EU has created it's expansionist policy which has reached alarming new levels: Opening up fronts to the East, against Russia over Ukraine, as well as raising tensions across the Mediterranean Sea, in the West Bank. 
In direct contravention of the Oslo Accords, the EU is spending taxpayer's money, illegally building 400 homes in 17 locations under the EU flag, locally known as “EU settlements”, whilst also condemning the building of Israeli settlements – A serious matter raised by me this week to the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET), and also by Michael Theurer, a German MEP, elsewhere in the EU Parliament. 

EXCLUSIVE: EU is funding illegal building on West Bank, says report

EXCLUSIVE: The EU is accused of funding 'tit for tat' building with Israel, after a new report claims that 400 Palestinian homes have been built illegally in Israeli-controlled areas, costing millions of Euros.

This all comes at a time of rising anti-semitism in Europe. 

Brought sharply into public focus by the January killings in Paris, anti-semitic incidents reached a record level in the UK last year, according to the Community Security Trust. Nearly 50% of the racist crimes in France have been directed at the Jewish community, despite them numbering just 1% of the French population. So serious has this trend become, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, last month told his cabinet that they would need to reduce their dependence on certain markets in western Europe.

UK anti-Semitism hits 'record level'

Anti-Semitic incidents in the UK reached a record level of more than 1,100 last year, the Community Security Trust says.

And herein lies the reason that the EU cannot be a world player. It is trying to mould 28 distinctly different member countries together to form and enact policy, whilst also looking to bring in new countries whose views and politics will not necessarily be a natural fit to what we have today, to the detriment of sections of its citizenship. 

This makes the EU look and act weakly, a trait that has been seized upon by Putin for one, and which has now led to intentionally breaking international law. Far from guaranteeing peace as envisaged at the outset, the EU brings us, both politically and physically, closer to new conflicts, at home and abroad.

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