about me

James Carver

James Bruce Carver is an elected UKIP MEP representing the West Midlands as one of 3 UKIP MEP’s for the region.

His story contains true British underdog values of hard-work, fighting through adversity with a smile and making something of his life while supporting his family.

Born to Joseph and Judith Carver on 15th August, 1969, Jim experienced a broken home when his alcoholic father left and, whilst just a teenager, Jim became the main carer for his mother when she fell ill from cancer.

He attended St. John Rigby RC College and Orpington College of Further Education and served with both the Royal Marines Reserve (City of London) and 1/51 Highland Volunteers (London Scottish). He has played Rugby Union for both Old Beccehamians RFC and the London Scottish Regiment.

Jim worked hard to successfully rebuild his family umbrella business after years of neglect and the chances are that, whenever you see a bookmakers’ umbrella on racecourses across the UK and Eire, it will be his work.

Jim’s association with UKIP started in 1996 and then two years later he married a Birmingham girl, Carmen Harding, relocating to the Herefordshire/Gloucestershire borders in 1999.

Sadly, Carmen died from Scleroderma in late 2009 and Jim has since helped raise over £24,000 for the Scleroderma Society, including his greatest personal achievement to date, running the 2012 London Marathon. He has a lifelong commitment to raise awareness of this relatively unknown connective tissue disease.

Jim has worked exceptionally hard for UKIP since 1996, starting as the constituency chairman for Orpington in Kent, as well as its Parliamentary candidate, working as a political assistant to Nigel Farage MEP as well as being a Regional Organiser for the South West, Wales, the East Midlands and latterly the West Midlands.

He clearly falls outside of the usual stereotypes associated with today's self-serving career politicians, drawing on his own background to understand the very real challenges facing everyday people, especially during such challenging times. It is this underdog spirit that drives him forward to make things better for the British people.

Jim now lives with Anne, a West Midlands-based business manager originally from Co. Armagh, and they will be setting up home together in the Worcester area during 2014.